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List of Sale Plants

List of Sale Books & Magazines

List of Cymbidiums & Books from Estate of Collector





We are a family-owned nursery specializing in SPECIES orchids. We cultivate over 7,000 different species, and have an inventory of over 750,000 plants. We grow everything from traditional favorites to the rarest exotics.

Ecuagenera Cia. Ltda. is a family owned company specialized in the production and the conservation of orchid species and hybrids. After several years of hard-work and scientific studies on orchids, we are leaders in Ecuador and around the world in the discovery, conservation and propagation of species and new hybrids.





We specialize in Asia orchid species, producing flasks, seedlings and from time to time some divisions.

[email protected]



Combining our love for orchids with years of experience in fine and graphic arts, Orchid Design offers creative floral services in addition to a variety of orchid plants for the enthusiast. Please contact us at [email protected]




to the cultivation, production, commercialization
and export of over 500 Peruvian orchid species,
and over 200,000 Ornamental plants.
Please Request Plant List & Prices
[email protected]

We will be attentive to serve you with our Best Plants!!!!!!

WhatsApp  942 983015                                      Facebook: Orquídeas Amazónicas





Sunset Valley Orchids
Fred Clarke
1255 Navel Place
Vista, CA 92081
(760) 310-0778   Cell

[email protected]

Sunset Valley Orchids is dedicated to
the breeding of new orchid hybrids.
Our breeding lines are focused
on three primary areas: 

  • Easy to bloom, vigorous, and compact growing plants

  • The development of new flower colors and shapes

  • Award quality flowers.

Our primary efforts are focused on hybridizing of Cattleya Alliance, Catasetinae, Australian Native Dendrobiums and Paphiopedilums. We also are working with several other groups, like Sarcochilus, Zygopetalum Alliance, and Stanhopea and their relatives









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