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"Never have I been so moved by such spiritual insight and luminescent artistry. Douglas Taylor has somehow managed to visually capture ethereal realms and wonders normally seen through the eyes of the soul".

Albert Taylor- Ph.D. (not related to Douglas)
Author of the LA Times #1 Bestseller "SOUL TRAVELER"

"This book will speak to your soul and bring deep fulfillment to the ancient parts of your being. The paintings are alive and will transport you to our celestial past, while also nurturing our vision of a possible future of spirituality, wisdom and natural beauty.."

Serena Wright,
Astrologer, Producer, Spiritual Teacher.

"I am greatly impressed and at a loss for words to describe the paintings and information in the book 'Soulic Journeys' by Douglas Taylor. There are so many elements and profound thought behind his work that make it truly unique. It is inspiring to know that his contact with extra-terrestrials opened him to such artistic genius. This book is an 'out of this world' experience for all."

Dr. Roger Leir:
Podiatric Physician and Surgeon, Author & UFO Researcher

"Douglas Taylor takes you on a stunning and inspired journey to other times and other places of spirit and soul. His work evokes the mystery and divinity within each of us. I cannot really find the words to capture the pure beauty of his art."

Robert O. Dean
Sgt.Major US Army (retired)

"Dazzling art reproductions and mind-expanding text send you off on a transcending journey! We found that the book stimulated our own creativity, opening up new worlds of unconsidered possibility. Very inspiring"

Joseph and Lianne Downey,

"SOULIC JOURNEYS reflects a man's personal journey towards self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Discovering incredible artistic talents late in life, the author leads us through struggles and triumphs as he discovers his true inner self. Facing and overcoming many personal demons and insecurities, the artist relates how he was "touched by the Angels" and changed forever.
In transmitting intense love for the ocean into sixty beautiful, and at times surreal, paintings the reader quickly experiences the powerful impact that nature has had on this artist. This book can be viewed on many different levels - casual perusal of intensely beautiful paintings, as one man's spiritual awakening or a discussion of metaphysics- no matter how one experiences this Book, you can not help but feel deeply rewarded and impressed."
L. Hoover, Los Angeles Educator

"Thanks for your awe-inspiring 'Soulic Journeys' art exibit and guide. I have been taking it in slowly and enjoying it immensely! Its truly a testimonial in all ways as to how spirituality and creative growth potential is available to anyone who is desirious. Its a treasure that i'm sure I'll read over and over. And the artwork transcends the soul! "

In Light,
Mark Levenson.

"There are so many books and so little time. However, SOULIC JOURNEYS is a rare find that immediately grabs your attention. This book first attracts you with its beautiful and mesmerizing art but then it touches your very soul as you read through its insightful messages."

Tony Glinskas, Huntington Beach, CA

"Being someone who has studied metaphysical beliefs and principals for many years, I like that fact that the book gets right to the teaching. The pictures I find very soothing and relaxing so that the mind clears and allows me to connect easily with my higher self or soul body."

Paula Simon, spiritual teacher


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