Follow the amazing story of
Douglas Taylor
on his fascinating journey of spiritual awakening
as he struggles to overcome his personal blocks
& limitations. His own higher abilities blossomed
when he least expected. He became inspired
to paint, write and teach after an
amazing encounter with a celestial starship
and it's occupants. He has since given many
dramatic lectures, written inspiring articles and
has produced over 100 paintings of which 60
appear in his outstanding 8.5-by-11 inch Book.

Facing many of his fears & insecurities Douglas
relates how he was "Touched by the Angels" and
changed forever. SOULIC JOURNEYS describes a
step by step process anyone can use to become
inspired and empowered through creative living.

There have been many reports from people, who after
meditating upon his paintings were able to heal issues
from this life or from past lives or they started to have
inspirational psychic experiences and positive life changes.


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