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Inspiration, creativity, higher states of consciousness, UFO's, Angels, past lives, dreams and visions ----if any of these subjects spark your interest you will want to read this book! Would you like to transform your life from a mundane repetitious earthly existence into an enlightened, creatively inspired expression? Would you like to learn how you can gain a better connection with your own creative spiritual nature and develop to your highest potential?

The Universal Brotherhood of Light has sent their emissaries to pave the way for a wonderous new age of spiritual enlightenment. Follow the story of artist Douglas Taylor on his fascinating journey of spiritual awakening as he struggles to overcome his personal blocks and limitations. His own higher abilities blossomed when he least expected, producing the 60 paintings depicted in this book.

Facing and overcoming many of his fears and insecurities Douglas relates how he was "touched by the Angels" and changed forever. He found his way back to a life of peace and purposeful existence -- a "Soulic Journey" that you too, might experience. This book will inspire you to begin your own great adventure on the never-ending pathway into the stars.

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