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Douglas Taylor is a multi-talented: visionary artist, author, speaker, teacher, surfer, woodworker and home builder.

During much of his youth, he was a surfer traveling around the world searching for that illusive perfect wave. He never quite found that perfect wave but his travels stimulated his adventurous spirit. He developed a profound appreciation of nature and its healing and rejuvenating effects in his life.

In 1978, on one of his surfing trips to the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico, Douglas experienced a life-changing encounter, finding himself inside of a starship and telepathically communicating with its extraterrestrial occupants. They were human in appearance with far more avilities, exceptional science and spirtual wisdom He felt a new surge of excitement and expansion of mind, far more than the ever thought humans could be capable of experiencing!

On his return from this trip, He began having many strange and wonderful psychic experiences that profoundly changed his life. It seemed that a door was now opened to the next step in his spiritual progression. Douglas then began his first attempts at both writing and painting without having any previous creative or artistic background. However, his creative channel opened up and out flowed a profusion of paintings and writings. He sold fourteen paintings at his very first art showing! Aided by a series of hundreds of beautiful communications in visions and dreams with extraterrestrial and celestial beings over the years, he continues to show his inspiration in his writing, painting, and teaching.

Taylorís visionary and UFO paintings are considered to be some of the best in the world, many of which are published in his enlightening book SOULIC JOURNEYS. In addition to national radio talk shows and interviews with film and television crews from around the world, he has taught hundreds of classes and workshops

Douglas is sought after to speak and exhibit his art at many conscious events, conferences and art galleries. His presentations and multi-media creations inspire others to overcome their self-imposed limitations and move forward in their individual fields of healing, creativity and spirtual progress. He is also a frequent contributing writer and cover artist for several new age magazines and books.

His art and lectures are vehicles that he uses for connecting with other like minded souls. Douglas likes to help others develop their own creative abilities and help them detach from former negative experiences. Attendees report a most positive and Spiritually empowered experience. Douglas points out that creative expression is a direct line to the Universal Forces that can and will inspire us in every aspect of our lives. He continues by stating that true inspiration comes as an uplifting power that helps us to overcome our self imposed limitations. However, Douglas, quickly adds that true inspiration and empowerment are not meant for selfish purposes. He sees that these "powers" need to be used to help others to develop their own highest potential.

Douglas, in his artwork and classes, attempts to carry this message of inspiration "Excellence in any field is a product of a synthesis of the mind, body and spirit. The messenger is unimportant and transitory, but the message is eternal."

Douglas and his wife Serena ( do many lectures, workshops and presentations. Serena also does readings and astrological readings. They live in Huntington Beach CA, a seaside community between LA and San Diego, where he continues to paint, write, wood-work and surf.



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