Fascination of Orchids Show & Sale
2017 Orchid Show Seminars / Workshops
FREE Admission to the Public for all Events
compliments of: South Coast Plaza & Fascination of Orchids, Inc.

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Seminars and Workshops at the 2017 Fascination of Orchids Show & Sale have been designed to share the knowledge of a group of some long time local orchid growers with the public. Much of the orchid information that is available has been written in locations outside of Coastal Southern California where growing conditions are often different. We strive in our seminars and workshops to present useful information from local knowledgeable people who want to share their tips and techniques which have worked for them. Questions and Discussions are encouraged.

SATURDAY: September 23, 2017


11:00 AM: - Orchid Tips & Techniques: Help for correcting some of the common mistakes in growing orchids.

Ideas for any grower who would like to do better. Advice will be given on Orchid feeding, re-potting, watering and placement.


12:30 PM - Mounting: Growing Orchids without ever using a container!

Most Orchids in nature grow hanging from trees.
Learn some techniques for growing and displaying
your own Orchids as nature intended.


2:00 PM - Potting Orchids: - When and how to re-pot different Orchids with live demonstrations.

The discussion will include the following:
Recommendations on various types and sizes of pots
Comments on the various types of growing media
Discussions on when is the best time to re-pot

Recommendations on dividing plants
The discussion will also cover variations
between indoor and greenhouse growing


3:30 PM - The Orchid Doctors: Bring your questions and problem plants for advice and sympathy from some of our long time Orchid Growers.


SUNDAY: September 24, 2017


11:00 AM - Orchids 101: – Tips and advice on how to successfully grow several different types of Orchids.

Growing Orchids can be easy if you know how.
This talk will help you to select the easy-to-grow Orchids and explain basic Orchid culture.


12:30 Noon - Cattleya Orchids: - This talk will discuss growing Cattleya ('corsage') Orchids in both greenhouse and outdoor settings.

Demonstrations on re-potting and dividing will be given
. Learn tips, techniques and planting media advice for different environments that will help to make your plants thrive for many years to come.


2:00 PM Potting Workshop: Learn how to best repot an orchid. You can also participate in repotting some orchids. Get here early as there are limited spots for the on-hands participants.


3:30 PM - Cymbidiums: - This talk will discuss growing Cymbidiums Orchids in this area. Learn what some long time local growers are doing to help make Cymbidiums flourish. Discussions will include: why plants are not blooming, common problems, re-potting and dividing.